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Transporting Youtheatre’s award-winning stage productions into a new dimension.


YouDigital is an innovative online platform that brings the magic of live performance to the screen.

Inventive, Compelling, Thought-Provoking

Theatre : Reimagined

Through a new hybrid form that dynamically incorporates the camera into the staging in one single take, these digital adaptations provide a fascinating new point of view through the eyes of the characters while preserving the liveness of the theatrical experience. 


Complete with an insightful teaching toolkit, including a roundtable discussion with the artists, as well as Youtheatre’s signature study guide, and behind-the-scenes content, YouDigital provides a complete digital toolkit for educators and students. For both distance learners as well as schools outside of urban centres, the flexible access of YouDigital is an opportunity to bring young audiences in on the magic of theatre.

  • Who is Youtheatre?
    Youtheatre is Quebec’s oldest theatre for young audiences (TYA) and Canada’s only bilingual TYA company. Since 1968, Youtheatre has engaged more than 2 million youth through compelling theatre which provokes, questions, challenges and entertains.
  • How did we get here?
    For the past ten years, Youtheatre has pushed the limits of theatre for young audiences by exploring new technologies both on and off the stage. YouDigital is a natural extension of the company’s ongoing fascination with new forms and new technologies. Inventive, Compelling, Thought-Provoking Theatre : Reimagined.
  • Great theatre - accessible to all
    A key aspect of YouDigital is its accessibility and affordability. With digital productions, we are able to bring our stage to your screens wherever you are, at any time that is convenient for you. While nothing will ever compare to the raw magic of a live performance, YouDigital can carry Youtheatre’s unique cultural experiences to young people everywhere. With the only requirement being an internet connection, YouDigital extends our reach to remote schools, underserved communities, and anyone else who is beyond the usual scope of Youtheatre's touring capabilities. We recognize that unfortunately there are still many rural communities without high speed internet. Please get in touch if you have trouble accessing YouDigital for your school and we’ll do our best to find a solution for you.

YouDigital offers a unique window for discovering the work of theatre artists in a digital cinematic format, but there’s nothing quite like the raw magic of a live performance.


Check out Youtheatre’s repertoire of stage productions to discover our vision of 21st century theatre.


Discover the benefits of integrating YouDigital into your teaching.

Trusted Quality

Founded in 1968, Youtheatre is Quebec’s oldest theatre company for young audiences (TYA) and Canada’s only bilingual TYA company. Over the past 50+ years, Youtheatre’s productions have been performed to over two million young people.


YouDigital brings you a selection of Youtheatre’s award-winning productions, with the highest standard of quality. The Canada Council has recognized Youtheatre as a leader among Canadian theatre companies producing work for young audiences, citing the company’s “achievements in maintaining high production standards” as well as, “the depth of its commitment to developing new work and original voices.”

Cultural Engagement

YouDigital ensures that your students have access to vital cultural content, anywhere, at any time. Our interdisciplinary approach creates hybrid works that borrow from the worlds of theatre and film, ensuring a unique experience for your students that captures the magic of live performance in a cinematic format. 


Our productions also boldly explore vital and relevant themes that are certain to spark conversations and reflections. With behind-the-scenes content, YouDigital can also ignite passion for the arts in your students.

Made For Teachers

YouDigital provides one-stop access to both our productions and our signature Digital Toolkit with educational resources. 


The platform is built with teachers in mind and provides maximum flexibility for your needs. The show can be projected in-class, or shared over Zoom with your students who are remote-learning. Since the shows are pre-recorded, they can be integrated into your courses whenever they best suit your needs.


Our Digital Toolkit provides everything you need to integrate our productions into your lesson plans. The study guides include thematic discussion points, group activities, and multimedia content. Built as a slide show, the study guide is ready for in-class presentation. Paired with our insightful roundtable discussion, behind-the-scenes content, and additional resources, you have a complete educational package.

Benefits of YD
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